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29 Sep
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Boadukrom, Kwahu West: The Kwahu West Municipal Assembly achieved a significant milestone on 28th September, 2023 with the commissioning of a modern school facility at Boadukrom. The event, led by the Municipal Chief Executive (MCE), Hon. Yaw Owusu Addo, showcased the assembly’s unwavering commitment to improving educational infrastructure in the municipality.

Accompanying the MCE were key figures vital to the success of the project, including the Works Engineer, Mr. Richard Nii Odjidja. Mr. Odjidja’s expertise played a crucial role in ensuring the construction adhered to the highest standards of quality and safety.

The commissioning ceremony was honored by the presence of esteemed guests, including the Chief of Boadukrom who expressed heartfelt gratitude for the assembly’s dedication to advancing education within the community. The Chief highlighted the pivotal role of education in fostering positive change and commended the assembly’s efforts in providing an enabling learning environment for the youth of Boadukrom.

Mr. Hayford Awuah, the Director of Education, also lauded the collaborative efforts between the education sector and the local government. He emphasized the need for continued partnerships to ensure that the youth receive the best possible education and opportunities for growth.

In his address, the MCE expressed gratitude to all stakeholders involved in the successful completion of the project. He reiterated the assembly’s dedication to investing in education as a pivotal driver for socio-economic development in Kwahu West.

The event concluded with a guided tour of the new facilities, allowing attendees to witness firsthand the positive impact of the assembly’s efforts on the local education landscape.

The Kwahu West Municipal Assembly remains steadfast in its mission to build a vibrant and prosperous community. The commissioning of the school at Boadukrom stands as a resounding testament to the assembly’s unwavering commitment to education and community development.

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24 Aug
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Department of Agriculture Weekly News Bulletin

In this week’s bulletin:

1. Breaking New Grounds: Launch of Women in Poultry Value Chain – Nkawkaw Chapter
The launch of the Nkawkaw Chapter of Women in Poultry Value Chain (WIPVaC) marked a pivotal step towards revitalizing Ghana’s poultry industry. Under the theme “Breaking New Grounds to Revamp the Poultry Industry in Ghana: The Role of Value Chain Actors,” the event brought together the Department of Agriculture, Apex Body of Women in Poultry Value Chain, and the Star Ghana Foundation. The collaboration aims to empower women in the poultry sector, fostering growth and sustainability. WIPVaC’s motto, “Think Chicken,” reflects the ambition to drive positive change in the industry.

2. Empowering Women: Nkawkaw Chapter of WIPVaC on Oyerepa TV
The executives of the Nkawkaw Chapter of Women in Poultry Value Chain took to the airwaves through an interview on Oyerepa TV. They highlighted their mission and sought sponsorships to support the group’s activities. Their dedication to advancing women’s roles in the poultry value chain was evident as they communicated their vision to a wider audience.

3. Livestock Care and More
The Department of Agriculture’s commitment to livestock welfare continued through vaccination, treatment, and other livestock-related activities. These efforts contribute to the well-being of the animals and the overall health of the agricultural ecosystem.

4. Community Engagement: Monitoring Agriculture Activities
Saafi, Yakoko, Obomeng Besease, Ohene Akura, and Kwahu Fodoa Communities were under the watchful eye of the Department of Agriculture. Monitoring and supporting agricultural activities in these communities are vital for sustainable development and improved livelihoods.

5. Planning for Progress: 3rd Quarter Technical Review Meeting
The Department of Agriculture conducted its 3rd Quarter Technical Review Meeting, focusing on evaluating the past period’s activities and charting a course for the upcoming quarter. Key matters discussed included staff postings, nominations for the Municipal level National Farmers Day Celebrations, the Fall Armyworm situation, updates on the IGNITIA Weather App, welfare issues, and feedback on the Research Extension Linkage Committee (RELC) planning session. Additionally, miscellaneous matters were addressed, reinforcing the department’s holistic approach to agricultural advancement.



For more information and updates, visit the Department of Agriculture’s official channels. Stay tuned for the next issue of the Weekly News Bulletin, your window into the latest agricultural developments in Kwahu West Municipal.

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13 Jul
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Municipal Chief Executive Commissions New KG Block Funded by Valco Trust Fund in Nkawkaw

Nkawkaw, Kwahu West Municipality – In a significant step towards improving early childhood education, Hon. Yaw Owusu Addo, the Municipal Chief Executive of Kwahu West Municipal Assembly, officially inaugurated a newly constructed KG block at Nkawkaw Presby School. The project, fully funded by the Valco Trust Fund, is part of their ongoing efforts to assist the government in eradicating schools under trees.

The ultramodern KG block features two fully furnished classrooms, equipped with materials that create an engaging learning environment for young students. Additionally, the facility includes a headmaster’s office, toilet facilities, and a mechanized borehole for a reliable water supply.

During the commissioning ceremony, Mr. Kelvin Kwaku Yeboah, the Acting Director of the Valco Trust Fund, expressed his delight at the completion of the project. He emphasized his belief that the newly constructed KG block would significantly contribute to the improvement of early childhood education in the Kwahu West Municipality. Mr. Yeboah also assured attendees that the Valco Trust Fund remains committed to supporting the educational sector and pledged to continue their efforts in this regard.

Hon. Yaw Owusu Addo conveyed his gratitude to President H.E Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo and the Valco Trust Fund for their collaborative initiative. He underscored his readiness to support the school in ensuring the provision of quality education. The Municipal Chief Executive also urged the Education Directorate to promote a culture of proper maintenance to preserve the new facility for the benefit of future generations.

The commissioning of the KG block signifies a crucial milestone in the joint efforts of the government and private organizations to eliminate inadequate learning conditions in Ghanaian schools. With the Valco Trust Fund’s generous support, the Nkawkaw Presby School now has an enhanced infrastructure to deliver quality education to its young learners.

This initiative serves as a testament to the commitment of stakeholders to prioritize education and create an enabling environment for students to thrive. As Ghana progresses towards achieving its educational goals, collaborative efforts between government bodies and private institutions like the Valco Trust Fund continue to play a vital role in shaping the future of the nation’s education system.

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12 Jul
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Municipal Chief Executive Inaugurates Roman Catholic School Building in Kwahu Daah

Kwahu Daah, Kwahu West – Hon. Yaw Owusu Addo, the Municipal Chief Executive of Kwahu West Municipal Assembly, presided over the official opening of a new Roman Catholic School building in Kwahu Daah on Wednesday, July 12, 2023. The impressive edifice, a joint effort between the community and the NGO Rural Communities Development International Inc., marks a significant milestone in providing quality education to the residents of Kwahu Daah.

Led by Dr. Kwame Obeng, a native of Kwahu Daah, the Rural Communities Development International Inc. collaborated with the people of Kwahu Daah to construct the school building. The structure comprises a three-unit classroom block, complete with accompanying furniture, a fully furnished computer lab, a science lab, a headmaster’s office, a staff common room, and toilet facilities. The building also features a mechanized borehole to ensure a sustainable water supply for the school.

The commissioning ceremony was attended by several distinguished guests, including the Municipal Chief Executive, Hon. Yaw Owusu Addo, the Member of Parliament for Nkawkaw, Hon. Joseph Frempong, the Presiding Member, Hon. Emmanuel Boansi Darkwa, and a host of other dignitaries. Their presence reflected the significance of the occasion and the collaborative spirit in realizing the educational goals of the community.

Hon. Yaw Owusu Addo expressed his appreciation for the partnership between the NGO and the people of Kwahu Daah, emphasizing the importance of community-driven initiatives in advancing education. He commended the efforts of Dr. Kwame Obeng and the Rural Communities Development International Inc. for their commitment to improving the educational infrastructure in the region.

The newly inaugurated Roman Catholic School building symbolizes the collective dedication of the community and external organizations in fostering a conducive learning environment for students. With its well-equipped classrooms, computer and science labs, and modern facilities, the school is poised to offer an enhanced educational experience to its students.

The event served as a testament to the power of collaboration and community engagement in driving positive change. As Kwahu Daah continues to prioritize education, the partnership between local stakeholders and organizations like the Rural Communities Development International Inc. paves the way for a brighter future for the community’s children.



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17 May
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NADMO and Fodoa SHS Collaborate to Launch Disaster Prevention Club

Fodoa Senior High School (FOSEC) in the Kwahu West Municipality took a proactive step in disaster prevention by launching a Disaster Prevention Club in collaboration with the Kwahu West Municipal NADMO Secretariat. The school hosted a team led by Alhaji Mohammed Hamidu, the Municipal Director, for an education and sensitization program aimed at equipping students and teachers with knowledge on disaster prevention and creating awareness in the community. The morning session, which commenced at 7:30am, saw over 200 students and seven teachers gather at FOSEC to participate in the informative and engaging program. The team from the Kwahu West Municipal NADMO Secretariat included key officials such as the Deputy Municipal Director, Daniel Agyekum Ansah, the Administrator, Andrew Ofosu Ansong, and several Zonal Directors. The primary objective of the meeting was to raise awareness and empower the attendees to become Disaster Prevention Agents within their school and the wider community. The formation of the Disaster Prevention Club is part of an initiative by the municipal secretariat to involve second cycle institutions, both private and government-owned, in disaster-related activities. The educational program covered various aspects of disaster prevention and preparedness. It began with an introduction to the National Disaster Management Organization (NADMO) and its crucial role in managing and mitigating the impact of disasters. The students and teachers were familiarized with NADMO’s activities, emphasizing the importance of preparedness and swift response during emergencies. A significant portion of the session was dedicated to understanding different types of disasters that commonly occur in the Kwahu West Municipality. Participants gained insights into the prevailing disasters and their potential consequences. Of particular focus was flood prevention, considering its recurrent nature in the local area. Addressing domestic fire incidents and their prevention formed another vital component of the program. Causes of household fires were discussed, accompanied by practical fire prevention measures. Students and teachers were urged to prioritize fire safety in their homes and actively participate in disseminating fire prevention knowledge throughout the community. Promoting responsible waste disposal practices was highlighted as an essential aspect of disaster prevention. The participants were educated on the proper methods of waste management, emphasizing the environmental risks associated with improper disposal. By encouraging responsible waste practices, the community can reduce the likelihood of environmental disasters. The importance of tree planting and the upcoming June 9th Green Ghana Day were also emphasized during the session. Students and teachers were urged to actively engage in tree planting initiatives and play their part in raising awareness about environmental conservation. At the conclusion of the program, the newly formed Disaster Prevention Club was officially launched at FOSEC. The club aims to empower students as Disaster Prevention Agents and serve as representatives of the school in NADMO and disaster-related activities. This initiative aligns with the municipality’s broader vision of actively involving educational institutions in disaster prevention efforts. As the sensitization and education exercise ended at around 9:30am, participants expressed gratitude for the valuable knowledge they acquired during the program. The launch of the Disaster Prevention Club marks a significant step forward in fostering a culture of preparedness and resilience among the students and teachers of Fodoa SHS. To ensure the longevity of the program’s impact, it is recommended that regular meetings, workshops, and collaborations with relevant stakeholders be organized by the Disaster Prevention Club. By doing so, Fodoa SHS and the wider community can enhance their disaster preparedness and prevention measures, creating a safer and more resilient environment for all.

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06 Mar
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Kwahu West Municipality Commemorates 66th National Independence Day Celebration

Under the leadership of Lawyer Yaw Owusu Addo, the Kwahu West Municipality celebrated Ghana’s 66th National Independence Day. The event commemorated the country’s independence on 6th March 1957 under Osagyefo Dr Kwame Nkrumah, the first Prime Minister and subsequent ceremonial President. Themed “Our Unity, Our Strength, and Our Purpose,” the celebration emphasized the importance of unity and peace for Ghana’s continued progress.

During the 6th March parade, Hon. Lawyer Yaw Owusu Addo, the Municipal Chief Executive for Kwahu West, highlighted the significance of national unity.

“What we need as a nation at this point is unity. As it is said, we are only as strong as we are united and as weak as we are divided. Unity doesn’t mean we won’t have differences, but differences are beneficial as they make us unique individuals,” he stated.

Lawyer Yaw Owusu Addo further explained that as a nation, the collective goal is to build a better Ghana for present and future generations.

“We can only achieve our common goal if we unite and become stronger. When our goals, interests, and purposes align, we can create a better Ghana,” he added.

He took the opportunity to urge traditional authorities in the Kwahu region to unite and contribute to the development of Kwahu land and Ghana as a whole.

“I would like to use this opportunity to encourage our traditional authorities in Kwahu to unite and actively contribute to the growth and development of Kwahu land,” he emphasized.

Additionally, he announced that the municipality has implemented measures to enhance economic development. These include the introduction of an on-street parking project to manage traffic congestion, improve street lighting, and ensure the safety of all road users in Nkawkaw.

He also highlighted the plan to improve infrastructure within the central business district of Nkawkaw. This involves installing street lights to enhance security, erecting road signs for better direction, designating strategic areas as bus stops, and reconstructing the Nkawkaw central market.

“I urge you all to provide your utmost cooperation to ensure the smooth implementation of these policies when they are rolled out,” he urged.

Concluding his address, Lawyer Owusu Addo stressed the importance of sanitation and called on everyone to maintain cleanliness in their environment, as it is often said that cleanliness is next to godliness.

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17 Feb
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In a generous gesture aimed at enhancing the educational infrastructure in the Kwahu West Municipality, Hon. Yaw Owusu Addo, the Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) for Kwahu West Municipal Assembly, and Hon. Joseph Frempong, the Member of Parliament (MP) for Nkawkaw Constituency, jointly presented 300 mono desks to the Kwahu West Education Directorate.

The official presentation ceremony was attended by key figures, including the Municipal Coordinating Director, Mr. Peter Tetteh, and Deputy Director Memunatu Adams, all representing the Kwahu West Municipal Assembly. The Director of the Education Directorate, Mr. Hayford Awuah, received the desks and expressed gratitude for the substantial contribution to the local education system.


Hon. Yaw Owusu Addo, the MCE, highlighted the significance of investing in education for the overall development of the community. He stated, “Education is the bedrock of any society, and we are committed to providing the necessary resources to ensure our students have a conducive learning environment. These desks are just a small part of our ongoing efforts to improve educational facilities in Kwahu West.”

In a collaborative effort to support the MCE’s initiative, Hon. Joseph Frempong, the MP for Nkawkaw Constituency, emphasized the importance of public-private partnerships in advancing education. He stated, “As public servants, it is our duty to work together to uplift our communities. The provision of these desks is a step towards creating a better future for our children, and I am proud to be a part of this meaningful endeavor.”

Mr. Hayford Awuah, the Director of the Education Directorate, expressed his appreciation for the tangible contribution to the local education sector. He said, “We are grateful for the generosity displayed by Hon. Yaw Owusu Addo and Hon. Joseph Frempong. These desks will go a long way in providing a comfortable and conducive learning environment for our students. We assure you that they will be put to good use.”

The desks, a practical addition to the educational infrastructure, are expected to alleviate the challenges faced by students and teachers in the Municipality. The commitment shown by the MCE and MP underscores the importance of collaborative efforts in addressing the pressing needs of the education sector, setting a positive example for other communities to follow suit.

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22 Dec
18 Mar
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The Municipal Chief Executive for Kwahu West Hon. Yaw Owusu Addo has expressed delight at the completion of a modern classroom block at Nkawanda No. 1 and implored the community members, teachers and the School Management Committee to put the facility to good use by cultivating the habit of proper maintenance culture.

The MCE said these when the Municipal Assembly handed over an ultra-modern classroom block costing around four hundred and fifty thousand Ghana Cedis (GHC 450,000.00) to the Nkawanda No. 1 M/A Primary School at Nkawanda in the Kwahu West Municipal Assembly. The facility has a modern water closet for pupils and teachers, a urinal and a bathhouse among others.

The MCE told the gathering that education is a shared responsibility between parents and teachers; imploring them to have a stake in the development of the children. He touted the achievements of the government in terms of development in the Municipality and said ¾ of the town roads are now being tarred and the government has even promised 15km of asphaltic roads.

He told the gathering that the commission of the block will halt the process of school children trekking long distances for JHS education after the completion of Primary School.

The Municipal Director of Education, Hayford Awuah advised that the maintenance of the facility should be of utmost priority to all.

Present at the commissioning were the MP for Nkawkaw, Hon. Joseph Frempong, the Municipal Coordinating Director, Peter Tetteh Kwablah, Decentralised Heads of Departments, Assembly members and some traditional authorities.

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17 Mar