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kwahu March 6, 2023

Kwahu West Municipality Commemorates 66th National Independence Day Celebration

Under the leadership of Lawyer Yaw Owusu Addo, the Kwahu West Municipality celebrated Ghana’s 66th National Independence Day. The event commemorated the country’s independence on 6th March 1957 under Osagyefo Dr Kwame Nkrumah, the first Prime Minister and subsequent ceremonial President. Themed “Our Unity, Our Strength, and Our Purpose,” the celebration emphasized the importance of unity and peace for Ghana’s continued progress.

During the 6th March parade, Hon. Lawyer Yaw Owusu Addo, the Municipal Chief Executive for Kwahu West, highlighted the significance of national unity.

“What we need as a nation at this point is unity. As it is said, we are only as strong as we are united and as weak as we are divided. Unity doesn’t mean we won’t have differences, but differences are beneficial as they make us unique individuals,” he stated.

Lawyer Yaw Owusu Addo further explained that as a nation, the collective goal is to build a better Ghana for present and future generations.

“We can only achieve our common goal if we unite and become stronger. When our goals, interests, and purposes align, we can create a better Ghana,” he added.

He took the opportunity to urge traditional authorities in the Kwahu region to unite and contribute to the development of Kwahu land and Ghana as a whole.

“I would like to use this opportunity to encourage our traditional authorities in Kwahu to unite and actively contribute to the growth and development of Kwahu land,” he emphasized.

Additionally, he announced that the municipality has implemented measures to enhance economic development. These include the introduction of an on-street parking project to manage traffic congestion, improve street lighting, and ensure the safety of all road users in Nkawkaw.

He also highlighted the plan to improve infrastructure within the central business district of Nkawkaw. This involves installing street lights to enhance security, erecting road signs for better direction, designating strategic areas as bus stops, and reconstructing the Nkawkaw central market.

“I urge you all to provide your utmost cooperation to ensure the smooth implementation of these policies when they are rolled out,” he urged.

Concluding his address, Lawyer Owusu Addo stressed the importance of sanitation and called on everyone to maintain cleanliness in their environment, as it is often said that cleanliness is next to godliness.

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