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kwahu August 24, 2023

Department of Agriculture Weekly News Bulletin

In this week’s bulletin:

1. Breaking New Grounds: Launch of Women in Poultry Value Chain – Nkawkaw Chapter
The launch of the Nkawkaw Chapter of Women in Poultry Value Chain (WIPVaC) marked a pivotal step towards revitalizing Ghana’s poultry industry. Under the theme “Breaking New Grounds to Revamp the Poultry Industry in Ghana: The Role of Value Chain Actors,” the event brought together the Department of Agriculture, Apex Body of Women in Poultry Value Chain, and the Star Ghana Foundation. The collaboration aims to empower women in the poultry sector, fostering growth and sustainability. WIPVaC’s motto, “Think Chicken,” reflects the ambition to drive positive change in the industry.

2. Empowering Women: Nkawkaw Chapter of WIPVaC on Oyerepa TV
The executives of the Nkawkaw Chapter of Women in Poultry Value Chain took to the airwaves through an interview on Oyerepa TV. They highlighted their mission and sought sponsorships to support the group’s activities. Their dedication to advancing women’s roles in the poultry value chain was evident as they communicated their vision to a wider audience.

3. Livestock Care and More
The Department of Agriculture’s commitment to livestock welfare continued through vaccination, treatment, and other livestock-related activities. These efforts contribute to the well-being of the animals and the overall health of the agricultural ecosystem.

4. Community Engagement: Monitoring Agriculture Activities
Saafi, Yakoko, Obomeng Besease, Ohene Akura, and Kwahu Fodoa Communities were under the watchful eye of the Department of Agriculture. Monitoring and supporting agricultural activities in these communities are vital for sustainable development and improved livelihoods.

5. Planning for Progress: 3rd Quarter Technical Review Meeting
The Department of Agriculture conducted its 3rd Quarter Technical Review Meeting, focusing on evaluating the past period’s activities and charting a course for the upcoming quarter. Key matters discussed included staff postings, nominations for the Municipal level National Farmers Day Celebrations, the Fall Armyworm situation, updates on the IGNITIA Weather App, welfare issues, and feedback on the Research Extension Linkage Committee (RELC) planning session. Additionally, miscellaneous matters were addressed, reinforcing the department’s holistic approach to agricultural advancement.



For more information and updates, visit the Department of Agriculture’s official channels. Stay tuned for the next issue of the Weekly News Bulletin, your window into the latest agricultural developments in Kwahu West Municipal.

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