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Fodoa SHS partners with NADMO to establish Disaster Prevention Club, empowering students for resilient communities
kwahu May 17, 2023

NADMO and Fodoa SHS Collaborate to Launch Disaster Prevention Club

Fodoa Senior High School (FOSEC) in the Kwahu West Municipality took a proactive step in disaster prevention by launching a Disaster Prevention Club in collaboration with the Kwahu West Municipal NADMO Secretariat. The school hosted a team led by Alhaji Mohammed Hamidu, the Municipal Director, for an education and sensitization program aimed at equipping students and teachers with knowledge on disaster prevention and creating awareness in the community. The morning session, which commenced at 7:30am, saw over 200 students and seven teachers gather at FOSEC to participate in the informative and engaging program. The team from the Kwahu West Municipal NADMO Secretariat included key officials such as the Deputy Municipal Director, Daniel Agyekum Ansah, the Administrator, Andrew Ofosu Ansong, and several Zonal Directors. The primary objective of the meeting was to raise awareness and empower the attendees to become Disaster Prevention Agents within their school and the wider community. The formation of the Disaster Prevention Club is part of an initiative by the municipal secretariat to involve second cycle institutions, both private and government-owned, in disaster-related activities. The educational program covered various aspects of disaster prevention and preparedness. It began with an introduction to the National Disaster Management Organization (NADMO) and its crucial role in managing and mitigating the impact of disasters. The students and teachers were familiarized with NADMO’s activities, emphasizing the importance of preparedness and swift response during emergencies. A significant portion of the session was dedicated to understanding different types of disasters that commonly occur in the Kwahu West Municipality. Participants gained insights into the prevailing disasters and their potential consequences. Of particular focus was flood prevention, considering its recurrent nature in the local area. Addressing domestic fire incidents and their prevention formed another vital component of the program. Causes of household fires were discussed, accompanied by practical fire prevention measures. Students and teachers were urged to prioritize fire safety in their homes and actively participate in disseminating fire prevention knowledge throughout the community. Promoting responsible waste disposal practices was highlighted as an essential aspect of disaster prevention. The participants were educated on the proper methods of waste management, emphasizing the environmental risks associated with improper disposal. By encouraging responsible waste practices, the community can reduce the likelihood of environmental disasters. The importance of tree planting and the upcoming June 9th Green Ghana Day were also emphasized during the session. Students and teachers were urged to actively engage in tree planting initiatives and play their part in raising awareness about environmental conservation. At the conclusion of the program, the newly formed Disaster Prevention Club was officially launched at FOSEC. The club aims to empower students as Disaster Prevention Agents and serve as representatives of the school in NADMO and disaster-related activities. This initiative aligns with the municipality’s broader vision of actively involving educational institutions in disaster prevention efforts. As the sensitization and education exercise ended at around 9:30am, participants expressed gratitude for the valuable knowledge they acquired during the program. The launch of the Disaster Prevention Club marks a significant step forward in fostering a culture of preparedness and resilience among the students and teachers of Fodoa SHS. To ensure the longevity of the program’s impact, it is recommended that regular meetings, workshops, and collaborations with relevant stakeholders be organized by the Disaster Prevention Club. By doing so, Fodoa SHS and the wider community can enhance their disaster preparedness and prevention measures, creating a safer and more resilient environment for all.

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