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Hon. Yaw Owusu Addo Visits Nkawkaw Cattle Market: Fostering Growth, Security, and Community Development
kwahu July 25, 2023

Nkawkaw Cattle Market Receives Hon. Yaw Owusu Addo’s Visit to Enhance Market Effectiveness and Security

The Nkawkaw cattle market, a burgeoning trading hub in the Kwahu West Municipal, has completed its first month of operation, drawing attention from Hon. Yaw Owusu Addo, who paid a visit to the market on Tuesday. The visit was aimed at gaining firsthand insights into the market’s performance and fostering engagement with its leaders.

During his visit, Hon. Yaw Owusu Addo, known for his commitment to community development, addressed the market leaders and urged them to prioritize discipline among traders to ensure the market’s long-term success. He emphasized the significance of adhering to veterinary rules and regulations to maintain the health and well-being of the livestock brought to the market.

One of the key areas of focus during the visit was revenue generation for the Kwahu West Municipal Assembly. Hon. Yaw Owusu Addo encouraged market leaders to ensure that traders dutifully pay their taxes and other levies to support the community’s growth and development.

The matter of security at the market was not overlooked, as the honorable Municipal Chief Executive assured the traders of increased police patrols to ensure a safe trading environment. Moreover, he pledged to expedite the process of providing electricity to the market area, which would further enhance its operational efficiency.

Expressing his gratitude to the traders, Hon. Yaw Owusu Addo acknowledged the positive impact of the cattle market on the local economy. The market has already played a vital role in creating employment opportunities for the people of Kwahu West Municipal, which has contributed to a boost in livelihoods.

In concluding his speech, Hon. Yaw Owusu Addo assured the traders of his unwavering support in making the Nkawkaw cattle market a resounding success. His commitment to working collaboratively with the market leaders and stakeholders indicated his dedication to driving sustainable growth and prosperity for the entire community.

As the Nkawkaw cattle market continues to grow, the collaborative efforts between market leaders and the local government are expected to propel the market towards becoming a significant economic hub in the region. With an emphasis on discipline, compliance with regulations, and security measures, the future of the market looks promising, attracting more traders and further benefiting the people of Kwahu West Municipal.

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