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kwahu May 14, 2022


In a bid to ensure a clean and sound environment in every human settlement, opinion leaders including family heads, Assembly members, and Unit Committee members came together to organize a clean-up exercise on May 14th, 2022. The exercise was part of their responsibilities to ensure a clean environment and promote good health among members of the community.

The Environmental Health and Sanitation staff played a vital role in sensitizing and mobilizing the community through a series of announcements made via information centers and meetings with family heads prior to the exercise. Zoomlion workers were also in attendance to support the exercise, which saw a massive turnout from community members.

During the exercise, men weeded alongside the road and open spaces, while women swept along the shoulders of the road around the SDA School. Zoomlion laborers helped the people to desilt the drains along the Apesika streets, making sure that the entire community was thoroughly cleaned.

The people in the community were delighted with the work they did themselves, and after the clean-up exercise, a public forum was held with the participants. The Municipal Environmental Health Officer addressed the participants on the importance of keeping their environment clean and urged them to continue working together to maintain a healthy and clean environment.

Overall, the community clean-up exercise was a huge success, and the efforts of all those involved have helped to ensure a safer and healthier environment for the people living in the area.

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