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kwahu July 29, 2021

NADMO visits Kwahu Daa to inspect dilapidated buildings

A team of National Disaster Management Organisation (NADMO) officers led by the Municipal Director, Alhaji Mohammed Hamidu, went out to monitor and also inspect some old and dilapidated buildings at Kwahu Daa upon complaint by the chief of the town.

From their observations, they reported that some buildings were looking very weak and vulnerable to owners and other residents in the area. They personally had one on one interactions with respective owners to discuss the danger of those buildings and how best they could help change the current situation.


Kwahu West NADMO secretariat gave them one week to demolish those weak buildings in order to avoid future disaster occurrences.

The Chief was very appreciative and promised to support the department as soon as possible to change the vulnerability posed on the residents of the area.

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