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kwahu June 10, 2022


The Kwahu West Municipal Assembly has retained and re-affirmed Hon. Emmanuel Boansi Darkwa as the Presiding Member.


Hon. Emmanuel Boansi Darkwa who has been the Presiding Member for three consecutive terms obtained 27 of the valid votes cast out of the 37 total votes to secure the 2/3 majority of the total valid votes cast.

The thirty-seven (37) members present included the Eleven (11) Government Appointees and the Twenty-six (26) Elected Members.

The Presiding Member promised to serve the members with due diligence and respect to ensure that the development of the Municipality is enhanced.

He was full of praise for the cordiality that has existed between the press and himself and entreated Assembly members to put in their efforts together to support the MP, the MCE and all those that matter in the development of the Municipality.

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