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kwahu May 4, 2022


Assessing and prioritizing potential tourist sites is a crucial step towards developing and implementing a successful tourism plan. The recent tour of tourist sites in the Municipality by selected MPCU Members has provided valuable insights into the potentials of various attractions.

Of the four notable potential tourist sites in the Municipality, Kwahu Scarp stands out with promising potentials to leverage on. Apart from its natural and scenic nature, it also serves as the landing base for paragliders. Accessibility to the site and available land is most assuring, making it an ideal location for the provision of hospitality infrastructure.


While the Waterfall and Ancient Artefact at Asuboni No.3 offer fascinating sights, the settlements near the sites are relatively deprived of social amenities, making it a challenge to boost the potentials of these natural and pristine facilities. Similarly, the Umbrella Cave/Canopy walk at Nkawkawkuma requires huge financial investment to develop the assess road leading to the place.


On the other hand, the Local Pottery Industry at Oframase is the most accessible and contributes to the local economy of the community. However, there is a need to transform the place into a tourist site in order to attract prospective tourists.


Drawing from the aforementioned findings, Nkawkaw and Oframase are the promising tourism destinations in the short-medium term in the Municipality. However, it will take conscious efforts and total financial commitment towards the development of the tourist sites which are still at their pristine stage.

The promotion and marketing of all the attractions are also crucial to attract tourists to the Municipality. Therefore, it is important for the local authorities and stakeholders to come together and work towards the development of these tourist sites.

In conclusion, the stage is set for tourism to thrive in the municipality. It is time for conscious efforts and total financial commitment towards the development of these tourist sites to turn the potentials into reality. The future of tourism in the Municipality is bright, and with the right strategies in place, it can become a major contributor to the local economy.

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