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kwahu August 7, 2021

Workshop Organised for Food Vendors and School Feeding Caterers

On Friday, 6th August, 2021 a workshop was organised by the Health Directorate, Environmental Health Department and the School Feeding Desk to orient food vendors and caterers on Food Hygiene and Nutrition.

The meeting took place at the Assembly Hall and was attended by Eighty (80) participants from the Municipality. After an introduction by both participants and facilitators, the Municipal Director for Health, Mrs. Celestina Asante, enlightened the participants on nutrition by taking them through basic definitions and what constituted a balanced diet. She further introduced them to the main food nutrients such as carbohydrates, proteins, fats and oil and the likes. She entreated the caterers and food vendors to prepare well-balanced nutritious meals.
Mrs. Asante talked about food and personal hygiene, highlighting the various ways to achieve those such as covering foods and wearing head gears among others.

The Municipal School Feeding Program Desk Officer, Mrs. Caroline Awuye took over the next session. She took the participants through the criteria for selection and appointment of School Feeding Caterers. On the subject of meals provision, she told participants that chiefs and community members are to assist in the provision of kitchen for the caterers.

Mr. Joseph Krampah, the Municipal Environmental Health Officer, in his presentation advised participants on the need to be screened at least once a year to safeguard themselves and those who patronise their foods from food borne illnesses.

The workshop ended with an open forum where a caterer lamented woefully how difficult it was to get a kitchen to prepare her school feeding meals. She also echoed a common grievance of the caterers; the delays and sometimes nonpayment of monies owed them in the discharge of their duties.

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