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kwahu December 2, 2023


The 39th National Farmers’ Day, 2023, was celebrated with great fervor and success in the picturesque community of Asaasefufuom. The event, held under the theme “Delivering Smart Solutions for Sustainable Food Security and Resilience,” brought together farmers, policymakers, and stakeholders from across the municipality to honor and appreciate the hard work and dedication of those in the agricultural sector.

The celebration, hosted in Asaasefufuom, a community known for its rich agricultural heritage, aimed to highlight the importance of adopting innovative and sustainable practices for ensuring food security and building resilience in the face of emerging challenges.

One of the highlights of the event was the recognition and awarding of 13 outstanding value chain actors who have made significant contributions to the agricultural sector. Among the awardees, nine were male and four were female, showcasing a commendable gender balance in the recognition of excellence.

The awards were presented to individuals who have demonstrated exceptional dedication, innovation, and success across various segments of the agricultural value chain. These value chain actors, ranging from farmers to agribusiness entrepreneurs, were acknowledged for their pivotal roles in enhancing productivity, promoting sustainability, and contributing to the overall development of the agricultural sector.

The Municipality’s commitment to fostering gender inclusivity in agriculture was particularly evident in the recognition of four accomplished female farmers. Their achievements underscore the vital role that women play in agriculture and highlight the need for empowering and supporting women in the sector.

Government officials, agricultural experts, and representatives from various organizations participated in these sessions, contributing to the exchange of knowledge and ideas for the continuous improvement of the agricultural sector.

Asaasefufuom community’s success in hosting the 39th National Farmers’ Day reflects the collective commitment to advancing agriculture, ensuring food security, and promoting sustainability. The event not only celebrated the hardworking farmers but also served as a catalyst for dialogue and collaboration, setting the stage for future innovations in the agricultural landscape.

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