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kwahu May 13, 2021


“Had it not been the first training I attended, probably, I might still be at home doing nothing. With hard work and perseverance, I have been able to train ten graduate apprentices and four are currently undergoing apprenticeship training in beads-making,” These are the encouraging words of Madam Mary Frimpomaa, a physically challenged client of Nkawkaw BAC.

Prior to her contact with the BAC, Mary relied on the portion of the District Assembly Fund meant for people with disability, as her source of income. She received an amount of One Thousand Ghana cedis (GHȻ 1,000.00) during a year.

In 2016, Mary didn’t let her condition limit her vision, as she hoped to learn beads designs and train apprentices in the district in the future and also to ensure that her products will make a strong impact on the local market. She attended a REP sponsored training programme organized for the Federation of Disabled.

After the 5-day training programme, Mary couldn’t learn all that was taught during the training session. With perseverance, she approached a person who was into the beads making business. She paid an amount of Four Hundred Ghana cedis (GHȻ 400.00) to undergo a month training. Coupled with creativity and God given talent, she was able to learn within that one-month period. She was later undertaken through an intermediate training in beads making. Through personal savings, she was able to buy basic tools to start her business.

Little did she know that it was going to liberate her from the state of bleakness she found herself. Currently, she makes a living for herself, children and her grandchild from using beads to produce necklace, slippers, bags and many other products. “I am able to cater for my children and grandchild. Two have completed Senior High School and one is currently writing her final exams. I have been able to also buy a container from the proceeds of my business”, she stated.

Her vision is to secure a land where she would put her container on, and also sell other traditional artefacts. Through support from, she has been assisted to formalize her business by registering her business at the Registrar General’s Department.

Mary expresses her profound gratitude to REP, saying, “Thank you for letting me realize my dream.”

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