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kwahu September 2, 2022

MCE holds Engagements with Odumasi, Abepotia and Wisiwisi Communities

As part of efforts to ensure local inclusiveness and integration to achieve development for the people, the Hon. MCE embarked on community engagements to 3 communities in the Municipality on Thursday, 1st September, 2022.  The purpose of the gathering was to solicit ideas on areas of concern to the indigenes, to address their challenges and the communal way forward.

Present at the engagement were Hon. Joseph Frempong (MP), Hon. Boansi Darkwa (PM), Party representatives, traditional and opinion leaders, some selected technical staff and the media. Issues of discussion centered on illegal mining, roads, trade, LEAP, education and agriculture, to name a few.

In the Hon. MCE’s remarks, he said in order for a community to enjoy its share of the national cake, the government needs to know the various needs of the community, hence the engagement. He further encouraged the communities to take advantage of self-development projects and to collaborate with well-off indigenes and the Assembly’s support to initiate community projects.

He charged the gathering to take advantage of government policies such as free education and One District One Factory (1D1F). He tasked the leaders of the towns to ensure that every child of school going age is enrolled in school.

Addressing some of the concerns raised, he mentioned access roads would be created for the expansion of the communities and expressed his worry about the influx of foreigners in the communities engaging in illegal mining, with another adverse effect of the rise in teenage pregnancies in such communities.

The Hon. Presiding Member expressed his appreciation to the gathering for honoring management’s invitation and encouraged community to patronize activities of the Assembly. He further tasked the community to protect and maintain existing government facilities.

The Hon. MP, advised the youth to engage in craft work and agriculture. He besought the communities to remain patient with the government as it is on course to deliver all promises made during the 2020 election campaigns.

The Nana Odikro of Wisiwisi expressed the communities’ gratefulness to the government for efforts in developing his community. He was especially thankful for the completion of the road extending from Abepotia to Oda.

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